Instructions regarding stand construction

  • Exhibitors are responsible for all rented equipment during the exhibition period.
  • Exhibitors/stand builders must have valid liability insurance.
  • Children under 18 years are not allowed on the exhibition premises during the moving-in and moving-out periods, even when accompanied by an adult.
  • The law states that smoking is not allowed on the premises.
  • Any work that affects the Swedish Exhibition Centre's property may only be carried out by staff authorised by the Swedish Exhibition Centre. Such work includes hanging wires from the ceiling (even from existing mounts), anchoring machinery to the floor, securing devices to pillars or beams, making electrical and water supply connections in floor channels, etc.
  • All saws, sanders, polishers, etc. that are used must be connected to a chip/sawdust extractor.
  • The Swedish Exhibition Centre's Hall Manager makes safety rounds before and during each event. Comments and points of criticism expressed during these must be tackled urgently. Any costs will be charged to the exhibitor.
  • Stand activities that the Swedish Exhibition Centre perceives as disturbing to surrounding stands may be stopped, without any compensation for costs related to the stopped activity.
  • Voice amplifiers or speakers may not be used in a way that disturbs visitors or exhibitors. Speakers must be directed inwards to the stand.
  • Wireless microphones may not be used without permission. Contact the Technical Coordinator for permission.
  • Advertising material may only be distributed at your own stand.

Moving in and out

  • During the moving-in and moving-out periods, the exhibition halls are to be considered a building site. You (the stand builder/exhibitor) are responsible for the work environment and fire protection within your stand area. This means that you must take the necessary steps to protect yourself and other stand builders/exhibitors from the risk of accidents.
  • During the moving-in and moving-out period, a minimum age limit of 18 years applies in the halls.
  • Information about the official times for moving in and moving out will be sent out separately. The use of a longer period of time for moving in or out requires the approval of the Swedish Exhibition Centre and will be charged at a fixed hourly rate.
  • If you wish to move in earlier than the official time, please apply to our Technical Coordinator. This will be charged at a fixed rate per stand.
  • On the last day for moving in, work at the stand may carry on until 20.00 hours (unless otherwise notified), after which the hall must be vacated.

Aisles and other floor surfaces

  • All aisles are emergency routes. Emergency routes, fire fighting equipment, alarm buttons and signs must NEVER be obstructed or obscured. There must be no constructions whatsoever above the aisles without permission. The same applies to displays and decorations.
  • Exhibition materials placed outside the stand will be removed at the exhibitor's expense.
  • If you lay your own flooring/carpet in the stand or aisles, you must notify our Technical Coordinator. Only certain woven tapes may be used when laying flooring/carpet. Note that all tape must be removed after the exhibition. In the event of any floor damage, the exhibiting company will be required to pay the cost of restoring the floor to its original condition.
  • In order to comply with evacuation requirements, the carpet in the aisle must be marked with a different colour along the side/s next to the edge of the stand.
  • The floor material in our exhibition halls is mostly epoxy treated concrete. The floors must not be painted or otherwise subjected to damage.

Stand separating walls

  • Stand separating walls are not normally included in the stand space rental.
  • Wall orders will include support walls approximately every four metres. These may not be removed without the approval of the Hall Manager. If removed without his consent, the cost of making good and replacement may be levied.
  • Support walls and other forms of support may be directed inwards towards the stand.
  • No supports may be removed without the permission of the Hall Manager on site.
  • Wall structures facing the aisle must be approved by our Technical Coordinator.
  • After the exhibition, the stand walls must be cleared of any staples, tape, screws, nails, adhesive mounting squares and the like.
  • Any wall damage will be charged to the exhibitor.
  • Wallpapering may only be done on particle board surfaced walls. The wallpaper must be pasted into place. Staples, tape or similar must not be used.


  • Products containing organic solvents, e.g. contact glue, spray paint, paint with white spirit or thinner, etc., must not be used on Swedish Exhibition Centre premises. This is in accordance with the provision of the Swedish Work Environment Authority's Statute Book, AFS 2000: §§ 4.4-5 and the Environmental Code, §§ 2.2-8.
  • There is a general ban on spray painting.

Electrical regulations and electrical connections

  • The Swedish Exhibition Centre's mains electricity supply is 220 V AC 1-phase, and 400 V AC 3-phase. All electrical power points are safety earthed. The mains electricity supply will be turned on no later than the day before an exhibition opens until one hour after closing time on the last day. If you require a supply of electricity at other times, please submit an order.
  • Leave a clear space of at least 1 metre in front of each junction box/distribution cabinet.
  • No installation work may be carried out on live equipment. In the event of damage to the electricity distribution system or any connected appliances through unauthorised connection, a claim for damages will be made against the exhibitor in question.
  • Connection to the mains supply system in the exhibition halls must be carried out by the Swedish Exhibition Centre's authorised electrical contractors.
  • Lighting rails must be firmly fixed no lower than 2.2 metres above the floor and must be fitted with end covers.
  • Fittings and other appliances/equipment made of conductive material must always be earthed or F1 marked. All electrical installation work in stands must be carried out by authorised contractors (SIND FS 1988:1, 2, 3, 4).
  • In order to prevent excessive noise levels when installing lighting girders, rubber mallets or similar tools must be used.
  • In the event of a damaged or faulty electrical installation, immediately inform our Service Centre or the Hall Manager. In all other respects, the General Conditions of the Swedish Electrical Contractors' Association (EIO), as set out in form EL72, apply as appropriate.
  • Please switch off all stand lights at the end of the day.

Ceiling mounts

  • Ceiling mounts can be loaded with a maximum of 50 kg. Only authorised wire locking devices may be used.
  • For safety reasons, the Swedish Exhibition Centre is entitled to secure, or increase, the number of wires at the exhibitor's expense. The exact location of the wires cannot be guaranteed; the margin of discrepancy is +/- 50 cm.

Compressed air

  • The air pressure is 6 kp/cm² (600 kPa, 6 bar). The connections are of KLO and CEJN type.


  • The water pressure at the Swedish Exhibition Centre is about 3 kp/cm² (300 kPa, 3 bar), connections are of Nito or R15 type.

Tall structures

The standard permitted maximum height of stands at the Swedish Exhibition Centre is 2.5 metres. The same applies to signs and decorations.
An exhibitor may be exempted from this standard but only:

  • If permission has been obtained from the nearest neighbour. Contact the Technical Coordinator for further information.
  • If no construction work is started until written authorisation has been received. The Swedish Exhibition Centre has the right to demand the dismantling of the structure if permission has not been granted.
  • A fee will be charged for a tall structure with advertising exposure.

Applications for tall structures

Send your application to:
The Swedish Exhibition Centre
[Name of exhibition]
Att: Applications for tall structures
SE-412 94 Göteborg
Applications can also be faxed to +46 (0)31 708 84 70.

Two-level structures

Two-level structures are permitted:

  • If the distance between two separate 2-level stands is at least 10 m. However, the application may be rejected even though the neighbouring exhibitor has consented.
  • If permission has been obtained from the nearest neighbour. However, the application may be rejected even though the neighbouring exhibitor has consented. Contact the Technical Coordinator for further information.
  • If the 2-level stand structure, where visitors and exhibitors have access, meets any and all requirements laid down by Swedish building standards and the special fire and evacuation regulations established by the relevant authorities (BBR and BKR).
  • If the exhibitor also pays stand space rental for the upper floor, which can be max 50% of the stand area of the ground floor. The total building height must not exceed 5 m and the headroom of the ground floor must be 2.3 - 2.5 m.
  • If the walking distance to the stairway does not exceed 10 m from any part of the stand on the second level. The stairway distance is to be measured at right angles at the longest distance, and walking routes that converge are to be counted twice.
  • If the width of the stairway is made appropriate to the area of the upper level. A stairway must be at least 0.8 m in width for an upper level floor area of up to 25 m2. Each further part or whole 25 m² of upper floor area requires a further stairway of 0.8 m width. However, two such stairways can be replaced by a straight stairway of 1.2 m width.
  • If the stand builder accepts responsibility for safety and supervising the construction work. The Swedish Exhibition Centre accepts no responsibility for the structure itself or its technical design and workmanship, but retains the right to demand additional information regarding technical design, materials, etc.
  • If the structure includes an enclosed space, or the like, then smoke detectors must be connected to the Swedish Exhibition Centre fire alarm system.

Applications for two-level structures

Send your application to:
The Swedish Exhibition Centre
[Name of exhibition]
Att: Applications for two-level structures
SE-412 94 Göteborg
Applications can also be faxed to +46 (0)31 708 84 70.