Hotel Gothia Towers will get over 1 200 rooms and the additional area will be 40 000 m².

The new tower will be 100 metres high - only the Liseberg Amusement Park Tower (which is 116 metres) will be higher in Gothenburg.

The current East Tower will be extended to 82 metres and the 77-metre-high West Tower (which is the tallest tower today) will instead be the lowest of the three.

The three towers will be linked by glazed overhead walkways 55 metres above street level.

There will be twelve new meeting rooms plus several lounges, rooms for break-out sessions and more.

There will be seven new meeting rooms on the 28th floor 82 metres above street level will get panoramic windows.

There will be four new restaurants and a banqueting hall for 300 people on the 29th floor.

There will be a wellness centre with an outward projecting pool 49 metres above street level.

The new tower will have ten lifts and all three towers will have external panoramic lifts.

The hotel will be certified in accordance with the international environmental standard BREEAM.