Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy

We take a holistic approach - ecological, social and economic - in our ongoing initiatives to promote and achieve sustainability.

These initiatives include:

  • Using natural resources especially those from the sea, in a responsible manner.
  • Saving energy, and switching from fossil fuels to renwable sources of energy.
  • Carbon offsetting our own business air travel by investing corresponding emission costas in sustainability enhancing measures in our business activities.
  • Striving to achieve a long-term level of sustainability with regard to the use of resources, transport and emissions to air and water.
  • Cunducting our activites so that, as far as possible, we avoid using chemicals and materials thar are harmful to people and the environment.
  • Make informed choises and use organic and locally produce to the gratest possible extent.
  • Working proactively to bring about continuous improvments, and to comply with relevant laws in the field of sustainability.
  • Work systematically with matters concerning culural end ethnic diversity, equality and accessibility.
  • Working at all times to conduct our business and carry out our procurement and purchasing in ways thart contrubute to sustainable development, both locally and globally.
  • Communicating our activities in the field of sustainability in a way that encrease the commitment and knowledge of our own employees, our costumers and our suppliers.
  • Provide an environment that promotes the well-being of our emplyees and guests.

By acting in accordnace with this policy, our visitors, guests and costmers can participate in our business activities in good conscience, and contribute to our joint and endeavours in creating a sustainable society.

Policy for sustainable development


Policy and Organisation

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre's activities regarding sustainability (CSR work) are based on several commitments in the form of policies, memberships and programmes. The most important of these are:

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Gothia Towers fulfil Svenska Equality's Accessibility Programme
and are certified accordingly.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre uses the City of Gothenburg Environmental Management System, and our complex is environmentally certified. The City of Gothenburg Environmental Diploma was awarded in recognition of our environmental policy, goals and detailed action plans. The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre's buildings have been subject to an energy audit.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre's HR (personnel-related) policies include policies on equal opportunities, pay, leadership, safety, rehabilitation, alcohol, drugs, and discrimination.

Environmental Diploma (PDF)
Environment Administration, City of Göteborg.

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