"Enjoyable food prepared with a caring hand. For our guest and the environment"

"Gothia Towers Restaurants aim to offer guests a dining experience that not only meets their culinary expectations, but also pleases their senses and appeals to their hearts and minds.

Lars O

Our goal is to offer enjoyable food prepared by chefs with a passion for their work. We aim to provide our guests with meals made with high quality ingredients, purchased with the focus on
eco-friendly alternatives that are locally produced and shipped to our restaurants with due regard for all environmental aspects."

Lars Olausson
Warehouse Manager, Gothia Towers


More Facts - Cuisine

92% of the chemicals in the kitchen are eco-labelled. The number of products is continuously being reduced.

Vacuum-packed commodities create savings on packing material of up to 75%.

The transition to locally produced table water, bottled on site, significantly reduces the CO2 burden.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre shall progressively increase the proportion of organically and locally produced foodstuffs used in its kitchens.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is increasing the proportion of Fair Trade products used in its kitchens and restaurants.

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