“Accessible to everyone!”

In 2007, we decided to exceed the legal requirements regarding accessibility in our facilities. Our goal is to be at least as good as hospitals and other public buildings.

Margaretha Landin
We've inspected all our premises and looked at stairs, toilets, hearing loops, lifts, ramps, lighting, flooring, stages, etc. from an accessibility perspective. The must-do list is, of course, very long, but we're remedying the situation item-by-item in order to make our restaurants, exhibitions, meetings and conferences accessible to more people.

We think it's important to learn to recognise the difference between rooms and places that are accessible and those that are inaccessible. So we asked wheelchair users to try making their way around our premises. And because we feel that insight, imagination and empathy can lead to good solutions, our own staff, too, have sat in wheelchairs and made the same attempt. We want to make things possible, feasible and do-able for everyone. So we must convert or adapt where necessary and rethink in many instances. The technology is available, or it will be.

Our web site includes a link to the West Sweden Tourist Board Accessibility Database, which describes how accessible the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre's facilities, including the hotel and restaurants, are to visitors. The database covers five categories: impaired hearing, impaired vision, impaired mobility, allergies, difficulty interpreting information. Prospective visitors will soon be able to see photos of every staircase and lift, and obtain information about any individual's ability to take part in meetings at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre.

Our primary focus in 2012 will be to make the entire facility accessible to people who are disabled. In short, we want our premises to be accessible to everyone!

Margaretha Landin, Arena Property Division,
Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre

More Facts - Accessibility

Companions of disabled people enjoy free admission to the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre. ¨

Certified assistance dogs/guide dogs are allowed on Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre premises.

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Hotel Gothia Towers fulfil Svenska Equality's Accessibility Programme and are certified accordingly.

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