Venue of Opportunities

The Svenska Mässan group of companies includes three operative subsidiaries: Gothia Towers AB, Svenska Mässan Mässor och Möten AB, and Bok & Bibliotek i Norden AB. Each of these companies is dedicated to the goal of creating Europe’s most attractive venue by providing guests, clients, visitors and exhibitors with the best possible total experience.

The group, which is owned by Svenska Mässan Stiftelse (Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Foundation), was founded in 1918 for the purpose of promoting the trade, industry and commerce of western Sweden. It currently generates some 2.3 billion SEK (220 million EUR) per year in visitor industry revenues in Gothenburg.

Our complex contains everything from huge exhibition halls, various kinds of other exhibition facilities, a wide range of conference facilities, a giant hotel and a selection of restaurants to a theatre, spa, shops and art gallery – all under one roof. The above, in combination with our unique location in the centre of Gothenburg, make our venue both a geographical hub and an active centre for creating business and experiences in the heart of Scandinavia.

Svenska Mässan Mässor och Möten AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Foundation. With its focus on creating new and better business through face-to-face meetings that cut across the borders of geography, business and industrial sectors, it has established itself as one of the leading and largest organisers of trade and public fairs, events and conferences in Scandinavia.

Our fair portfolio, which is under constant development, includes some 30 of our own brands, as well as several fairs, events and conferences organised on behalf of other companies and professional bodies active in a wide range of spheres and industries. Our aim is to become our customers' best partner for creating and growing business.